16 Affordable Countries to Study Abroad in Europe on Scholarship in 2022


Considering studying abroad in Europe on a scholarship, are you looking for affordable countries to study in?

Do you want to travel, but you don’t know where to start looking for information on schools abroad that provide scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Africa?

If you answered yes! You can consider yourself fortunate if you can afford to pay an estimated annual expense of around u00a3 20,000 to study in Europe. If you cannot, consider yourself unfortunate.

For those who cannot afford such an investment but are fortunate enough to receive a scholarship, they should consider themselves fortunate.

But what if your desire to study in Europe is still strong, but you lack the financial means or a scholarship to do so? What should you do?

Is it better to just give up? No! Never give up, no matter how difficult the situation appears to be. If you want to follow your heart in Europe, you can.

The reality is that you will not be able to attend Cambridge or Oxford.

In Europe, you’ll have to go to some less expensive but still excellent institutions in the 16 European countries that we’ll be mentioning in this article today, as we mentioned earlier.

So, here’s a list of the top 16 most affordable countries in Europe to study abroad on a scholarship where you can earn a respectable university degree while staying within your budget.

1. Netherlands

A number of European countries, including the Netherlands, are known for having some of the most affordable tuition fees in the world.

In contrast to Norway, tuition is not free for international students, and they will be required to pay a certain amount of money each academic year.

However, it is not as much as can be obtained in the majority of developed European countries.

The Netherlands is a low-cost destination for students from all over the world, but students from the EU/EEA and Suriname are given priority admission consideration.

Costs typically range from EUR 700 to EUR 2,100 per academic year and are determined by the type of university where you study, the discipline in which you specialize, and the type of degree you pursue (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D).

The most affordable Dutch universities are Radboud University, Twente University, and Utrecht University, which are all located in the Netherlands.

2. Germany

International students can take advantage of tuition-free university education in the majority of German cities.

In the few German regions that charge tuition fees, such as Munich, the average tuition fees are as low as EUR 260 per semester.

Each semester, an additional mandatory fee of EUR 32 – 64 is expected to cover the costs of the student union.

The cost of living in most German cities is lower than the cost of living in other European cities.

Germany’s top international students attend the Technical University of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin, the Humboldt University of Berlin, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and the Technical University of Munich, which are all among the best German universities for international students. scholarship

Tuition fees range between EUR 200 and EUR 700 per academic year on average.

3. Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, and it attracts a large number of visitors.

However, it is also a very popular choice for students who want to study in Europe as well as for those who want to study in Asia.

Throughout the year, the Spanish government sets the tuition fees for public universities at the lowest level that it is capable of setting.

Private colleges in Spain are also attempting to comply with the laws enacted by the government.

Despite the fact that they are not as affordable as many private universities of the same caliber, they are not as outrageously priced.

The following is a list of the annual tuition fees charged by the top-ranked Spanish universities: It is between EUR 2,000 and EUR 3,000 per year on average to attend the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

It costs approximately 2,900 EUR per year to attend the University of Barcelona on average.

The tuition at Pompeu Fabra University ranges between EUR 3,000 and EUR 4,000 per year, depending on the course.

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