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Make Money Online: 28 Different Ways to Get Paid Today

28. Posting ads on Craigsist

posting on crigdslist

This method necessitates a small amount of additional effort, but not significantly so. Every week, or even every day, having Craigslist ads posted for them would be extremely beneficial to a large number of businesses.

Craigslist receives more than ten million visitors per day! This can, without a doubt, be a significant selling point for the service. Upon receiving that information and confirming it (if necessary), you will be able to Make Money Online,by charging them for this service without any difficulty.

“5 Craigslist Ads Per Week for $XX” or “One Month of Craigslist Advertising for $10 per ad I believe $10 per ad is reasonable for offline businesses (considering that they pay the Yellow Pages and other advertising companies MUCH more money!) are examples of options you can package together. If you work for them 5 days a week, that’s $50 a week, which comes out to $200 per month from just one client, on average. Making a Craigslist ad for someone should take no more than 5 minutes, and it is not at all difficult to do.

Craigslist ad can be a great source for new customers once you learn to create and manage your ads effectively. Zen Den’s Craigslist ads prompt at least 25.

I hope this article helps inspire you to make some quick cash if you need to, and if you have any other ideas that other followers would love to hear about making extra cash, please put them in the comment box below. Because remember, sharing is caring, and if you are participating in the $1000 project,

make sure you use some of these ideas to help you get ahead financially. I myself am using most of these for the $1000 project.

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