DSTV Subscription Packages & Price List for 2020.

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DSTV is the biggest cable TV service available in Nigeria and Africa. today we’ll list out the new DSTV subscription package in Nigeria and their prices for DSTV users in 2020.
Dstv services are powered by multi-choice,which is a south African company and they have cheap subscription plans.
One of the most accepted packages in Nigeria includes the new DSTV compact plus package that was recently added by DSTV and it’s a very cheap package for users who are lovers of the sport.
You can watch LaLiga, English Premier League, Bundesliga and lots of other sports activities across the globe with the DSTV compact Plus package.
We’ll be discussing all the DSTV Subscription packages and their price lists for DSTV Nigeria service.
if you love sports, DSTV services give you a wide range of channels that shows all sports games and itsbeen broadcasted live in HD format.

DSTV Subscription Packages & Price

DSTV Padi (₦1,850 per Month)

DSTV Padi package offers over 41 channels,mostly local content and international TV channels, like, CNC World, BBC World, Televista, B4U Movies, Jim Jam, NatGeo Wild, Telemundo, SilverBird, NTA News 24, NTA 2, Galaxy TV, Spice TV, AIT, SuperSport BLITZ, Channels TV, Mindset, Africa Magic (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba), and so on.
CNN, most MNET channels, and most of the SuperSport channels are not in this package the last time we checked. There are also audio channels with the DSTV-Padi plan.

DSTV Yanga (₦2,565 per Month)

The DSTV-Yanga bouquet is more like the discontinued DSTV Access package, but it boasts of over 90 channels mostly local content and international TV channels in it. The DSTV-Yanga adds a couple of new channels to the channels like ROK2, Epic, Africa Magic , RealTime,EL , and MTV Base.
However, all the highlighted Access channels are available like Zee World, Telemundo, BBC World, MNET Movies Zone, ROK3, Fox Life, Africa Magic Family, Discovery Family HD, NatGeo Wild, AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, SuperSport 9 & 10, Mindset Learn, Al jezeera, , Jim Jam, E! Entertainment Africa Magic , Disney Junior, and so on.

DSTV Confam (₦4,615 per Month)

DSTV Confam bouquet looks more like DSTV Family, but it was boasted of over 122 channels mostly local content and also international TV channels
all the DSTV Access channels plus ESPN Classic, CNN, Universal Channel, Fox, ROK2, BBC Lifstyle, Africa Magic Epic, SuperSport HD 7 & 8, Boomerang, Food Network, Cartoon Network, MTV Base, MNET City.
Compared the DSTV Yanga and confam, DSTV Confam added channels like Universal Channel, , BET, Fox, CBS Reality, Da Vinci, Star Life,MNET CityTNT Africa, BBC Lifstyle, SuperSport HD 7& 8 HD, Cbeebies, Cartoon Network ,Boomerang, Food Network,

DSTV Compact (₦6,975 per Month)

The DSTV Compact package offers you all Family channels and many more. DSTV Compact package includes MNET Movies All Stars, MNET Movies Action, VUZU, Studio Universal HD, Ebony Life TV, BET, BBC Brit,TNT Africa, MTV, ROK, Africa Magic Urban, Discovery ID HD, National Geographic, SuperSport HD 3 & 4, Disney, Disney XD, WWE Channel HD, Sky News, Trace Mziki, and so on.
If you demand more Exciting channels then, the DSTV Compact plan is a good choice for you.

DStv Compact Plus (₦10,925 per Month)

The DSTV Compact Plus package offers all DSTV Compact channels with the addition of more sports channels. The sports channels added include SuperSport HD 5 & 6 HD
the main reason for this package is aimed at giving Sports fans in Nigeria and Africa access to premium sports at an affordable price compare with the Premium package.
Subscribers to this bouquet will stream EPL matches, Champions League matches, the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, Spanish La Liga and also rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motorsport.
not only sports channels that are added to the DSTV Compact Plus package compared to the Compact plus plan.
Other channels that was added includes Africa Magic Showcase HD, 1Magic HD, Lifetime Entertainment, Discovery Channel HD, History Channel, Crime and Investigation Network, CGTN News
If the MAIN reason you subscribe for the DSTV Premium bouquet is to watch sports, especially football then i will advice you go for Compact Plus.

DSTV Premium (₦16,200 per Month)

The DSTV Premium package is the highest package offering you all available listed DSTV channels.
The dstv Premium package channels include MNET Movies Smile HD, CNC World, Mnet Africa HD, MNET Movies Action+ HD, Comedy Central, MNET Movies Premiere, TLC Entertainment, as well as all HD channels, and so on.
Kindly note that, despite the fact that Compact Plus being all about sports, not all sports channels are available on the compact package. To get full access to all sports channels, you will have for the DSTV Premium package.
The Sports channels exclusively to the DSTV Premium package include: SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 11, and SuperSport HD 12.
If you want to receive HD channels then you will need to go for the DSTV Premium package as HD channels currently exclusive on the Premium package.

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