Holland Visa Application for Nigeria – How to Apply

Holland Visa Application for Nigeria
Holland Visa Application for Nigeria

You will discover a lot of useful information on Holland Visa / Netherlands Visa 2022 in this post, such as the many kinds of visas, the prerequisites, and the application process, among other things.

Types of Holland Visa and Their Uses

The types of Holland Visa and their uses are divided into several types, The categories of Holland Visas and the purposes they serve may be broken down into the following categories:

1. Netherlands Temporary visit visa for family visits / Relatives permits

For those of you who have relatives overseas, this kind of Holland visa application is utilized. Typically, if you want to visit them, you must first get this visa. Typically, the longest period of time that may be reported is 90 days or 3 months. Invitations from your family in the target country are necessary for approval in comparison to other visas. And a declaration that your family will be in charge throughout the whole of your time there.

2. Netherlands Temporary visit visa for tourist / Tourist Visa destinations

This may be one of the most popular and often suggested visas. People may utilize this visa if they want to take a vacation abroad. When you are arranging a trip overseas, you will submit this kind of Holland visa application. With this tourist visit visa in hand, you will be granted entry to the target nation. Anyone who satisfies the requirements for applying for a visa may submit.

3. Netherlands Temporary visit visa for business / Business Visa purposes

Business people often have needs that necessitate traveling abroad for business. You will find simplicity in using this form of Holland Visa Application while traveling for business to the target nation. For instance, attending an expo, signing a collaboration agreement with a firm, or attending a business conference are all necessary.

4. Netherlands Work Visa / Work Visa 

The bearer of this kind of visa is permitted to work for a firm in the country of destination. There are several other sorts of work visas. employment that is temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. Given the duration of the employment, which might often run for years, this work visa may be converted to a resident permit.

This work visa may also open doors to visas for indefinite residency. include Permanent Resident (PR). Occasionally, the work permit is only valid for the duration of the job agreement and cannot be extended. For instance, consider the majority of migrant workers who are employed overseas. They must return to their native country when the contract finishes before requesting the subsequent work visa.

5. Netherlands Transit Visa 

This visa is required if you want to transit through another nation on your way to your final destination. Also important to know is whether or not this transit visa simply covers the airport region (airport transit visa) or the full nation you are transiting through ( Transit Visa ). If it’s only the airport, you won’t be allowed to leave, even for a short while. Additionally forbidden is waiting for the next aircraft outside the airport. A transit visa often has a short validity time before boarding the next trip.

On the other hand, if you have a transit visa, you may leave the airport and travel across the nation as a tourist. Typically, a visa is only valid for a maximum of 5 days.

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6. Netherlands Visa Study / Study permits

The purpose of this sort of visa is pretty obvious: to get a permission to study at a school, university, or other institution in the country of travel. This particular Holland visa is often simple to get. Of course, if you have met the prerequisites to enroll in classes or to be a student at the targeted institution. Typically, your visa is valid for the duration of your studies. Included also refers to times that fall between school breaks.

7. Netherlands Student Exchange Visa / Exchange permits

Visas are required of those of you who participate in a student exchange program between different educational institutions or campuses. In most cases, the visa will only be valid for a few months while the participant is enrolled in the program. The installation that is associated with this exchange program often lends a hand throughout the creation, which makes the process quite simple.

8. Netherlands Visa On Arrival

In addition to the visa that is prepared well in advance of the trip, there is also the possibility of obtaining a Visa On Arrival at the time that you enter the territory of a nation. Whether they enter the nation through an airport, a sea port, or just by strolling up to the boundaries of the country. If both nations maintain positive ties with one another and work together to streamline the application procedure for visas, then it will be possible to receive this visa. You may view a list of nations that provide Visas Upon Arrival by clicking on this link.

9. Holland Diplomatic Visa

This visa, which has diplomatic in its name, is only available to diplomats. Both individuals who have spent some time working in a representative capacity for the nation in question. Or just a simple visa for a short-term diplomatic visit. Take, for instance, the case of official visits or business trips. It is often believed that the production process is straightforward due to the existence of specific lines between nations.

10. Netherlands Exit Visa

The person who has this visa is required to leave the nation they currently reside in, which may or may not be their own country. In most cases, the objective is stated in writing. In addition, he is restricted to just visiting the nation that is written on the visa. A foreign individual who is required to leave a country, for reasons such as having been arrested or imprisoned there, may apply for this particular kind of visa. Or citizens of the country who want to leave on their own and go to a different nation. A prohibition on re-entry into the nation from which the departure visa was granted is often included in its terms and conditions. Horrified, you must not choose this one! Holland Visa Application for Nigeria

11. Netherlands International Employee Special Visa / Corporate permits

You are need to secure this specific kind of Holland Visa in order to work for an international organization. It’s also possible that you are such a deserving champion that a multinational corporation has chosen you to serve as a representative in that nation due to your outstanding qualifications for the role.

12. Netherlands Special Visa for Business / Business Permits

What makes this kind of visa different from the business visa described above? If you are applying for this sort of visa, it indicates that your visit to the country of destination will not be a short one and that you want to remain there for an extended period of time. Take, for instance, the case where you want to establish a sizable business in the target nation. Naturally, you will need to put in a lot of work and put in a lot of time preparing, and because of this, the local government will provide you with a business-specific visa so that you are free to work on developing and preparing your firm. This kind of visa will, under some circumstances, continue to function as a temporary residence permit that has the potential to function as a permanent permit. Obviously, if everything is running properly at your company!

Requirements for Holland Visa

  • A passport that is still valid after six months from the date of entry, as well as the previous passport.
  • The most recent color photograph is two pieces, 3.5 x 4.5 inches, 70–80% face, white backdrop, produced on photo printing paper, with high print quality and clarity.
  • English letter of sponsorship on the stationery of the employer where the individual is employed. The name and status of everyone who joins the journey as an additional passenger or family member.
  • If the photocopy of the NPWP and SIUP must contain the title of General Manager, Director, President Director, or Commissioner.
  • If you operate your own firm and don’t have company letterhead, type your letter on plain white paper, stamp it, and attach a photocopy of your NPWP and SIUP.
  • Attach a photocopy of the kid’s birth certificate to demonstrate the sponsorship if the child is a minor.
  • Attach a photocopy of the child’s marriage certificate and the kid’s birth certificate to demonstrate the connection if the child is sponsored by the son-in-law.
  • The letter is typed on simple white paper and has your signature if the status is retired.
  • A photocopy of a newspaper account or passbook as evidence of recent financial activity during the last three months (from the front page that lists the name and account number up to the last page of the transaction).

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  • copy of the family card.
  • Include a copy of the name change letter if the name on the passport is different.
  • Include a copy of the marriage certificate if the wife will be traveling with you.
  • Attach the following documents if the kid travels while still enrolled in school: a photocopy of the student ID, the original transcript, and a photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • A legalized by a Notary parent’s permission slip if the kid travels with another adult, or a father’s or mother’s permission slip if the child travels alone.
  • You should include a photocopy of your passport, visa, birth certificate, and invitation if you have children residing in the Netherlands.
  • Bookings for tickets may be printed.
  • confirmation of accommodations when traveling in Europe.
  • Travel insurance with a Sum Assured of USD 50,000 or EUR 30,000 and is good for the whole length of the trip to Europe
  • completed application that has been signed by the applicant. The document is signed by both parents for kids who don’t have a KTP.
  • If you remain for longer than a month, you must provide:
  • The recognized government of that nation issues a stamp to invitations from that nation.
  • Birth certificate of the invited guest who can substantiate the relationship.
  • Bill or pay stub as financial documentation.

Holland Visa Application for Nigeria

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