How to Change The Tick Speed in Minecraft


I’m going to be showing you how to change your random tick speed in Minecraft. Just say you’re in a super flat world and you’re building an epic sugarcane farm, but you can’t be bothered waiting for the bloody thing to grow just to do some testing.

Well, you could change your brain and change the tick speed so that the sugarcane grows fast and it’ll help you do your testing.

Okay, so I’ve got a couple of crop fields here. I’ve got this baby farm here and I’ve got this open field farm just to show you guys how it’s all going to work.

You can see that right now the rate of speed is just normal. It’s average. I think it’s set three as default. But we’re going to adjust it to something like 800 just to speed everything up.

So well, what’s happening is the RAM is just choosing what block to update at, you know, and how long and etc. And it could get crazy with the math and all that good, good stuff. you can check out Wikipedia if you want to learn some stuff about it. But let’s go ahead and change the tick speed here so we could do our testing.

So go ahead. Make sure obviously you’re in creative mode or you have opened your server and go ahead

/Gamerule randomTickSpeed

now if you press enter,

/Gamerule randomTickSpeed is currently set to:3

it will tell you what is currently set to 3, now if we bring it back up again and we set it to a <value> of 800.

/Gamerule randomTickSpeed 800

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Oh, look at this. Oh, we don’t have to wait very long at all. The testing of our farm is now complete, and that is how it’s done. How fantastic,That it didn’t take long at all. And then you could set it back if you want .

To sign the command back to the default of three.

/Gamerule randomTickSpeed 3

This is pretty cool. It only going to help you if you’re doing testing. Trust me, you build a mega farm or whatever and you don’t want to wait for you. Just speed everything up. It’s fantastic.

Obviously, you could do this in survival on a server. If you’re open on the server and, you know, set it, it’s kind of cheating. It’s almost obviously it’s, really, really cheating.

All right, guys. Well, hopefully, this command has helped you. you can just copy and paste the code, if you don’t want to type it.

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