How To Engage And Inspire With Interactive Content Marketing

Simple Methods to carve a niche among rivals using interactive content marketing.

It is important to note that any form of proposal one is putting up in order to advance a particular course, be it business, contract, etc, what makes it sellable is the “content”. The propensity of success of such exercise is a function of well structured and a captivating idea, that will interest the targeted audience.

This is very pertinent to note, since an average human has an attention span of eight seconds, in accordance with Microsoft findings. Thus, your idea must be catchy in order to arouse the interest of your audience. 

This could be achieved by Engaging the concept of interactive Content Marketing.

Whereas, some other avenues of conveying idea via social media such as eBook and blog articles doesn’t require active participation such as demonstration or gesture, interactive content will always promote active participation between the person and the content through scanning, touching, answering a question, etc.

This article shall present 3 methods you can employ to arouse the attention of your audience and stand out among your rivals.

Recall in your childhood one of those popular books “choose your own adventure” One of the TV series Black Nirrow played an interesting episode titled “Banersnatch” which allows you to select a game stylist stefar’s moves and his final outcome.

Whereas you are most unlikely to follow that process with your marketing videos, one of the common and simple approach is to stream live on facebook. This will enable you to have a virtual interface with your audience and as well entertain questions and further give clarifications where necessary.

content marketing

Polls and Questions

In your Facebook page, you can stimulate discussion by dropping a question on your news feed, in addition to polls. This avenue can equally enhance a proper relationship between you and your audience, as other issues outside the scope of your business can also be explored from time to time.

To buttress the point, below is an example drown from a client; the owner of Malarys Fashion Network, located in Cloverdale, BC Yvonne got a tremendous intereactions including 20 comments on her facebook page

By Simple posting a casual write-up about fashion.

Thus you too can do better. The first thing to do is to think of an interesting topic about your line of business that will lure the interest of your readers, for example you can begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know about books that contain information or a guide to your type of business, which you can as well refer others to?
  • What professional business advice would you render to yourself as you are kicking off?
  • Supposed you could be in charge of your business anytime, anyday, when will you start off and why do you prefer it  to be that time?

Content Marketing: Infographics

Infograpics makes use of pictorial display to analyze statistical data or other information in a simplest manner with clarity.

Neil Patel wrote a powerful article in the year 2014 where he explained the efficacy of inforgraphics. The article still remain a reference point till date.

Nevertheless, it is pertinent to synchronize infograhics games with interactive concept.

Given the fact that creating a two-way infographics is more stressful and time consuming than a static on.

Though, if it is applicable to your business and attracts your spectators, the flux, engagement and the positive outcome you will get will be encouraging.

Infographices Google offered an explanation on a complex topic “how search works”. You can have an interactive with various elements to navigate you through the outline, which is far better than a voluminous text.

Having discussed the methods of creating these wonderful content marketing piece, we shall look at some of the merits.

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  • It increases the level of engagement. This has the tendency of increasing the level of interaction among the users due to its simplicity. 

In addition to this, there are 3 other benefits one can derive by using interactive marketing tools

  • They help in data collection

Data is very essential as it helps marketers in decision making about their business.

At times, it is not easy to generate behavioral data which involves administering some questions but with this method of engagement, answers can be obtained with less effort.

  • This method enables a researcher to learn more about what appeals to the audience. Using infographics as an interaction tool from your audience, will reveal to you a lot about the preferences of your audience
  • With less efforts, Clicks and conversions can be increased.

This makes the conversion of e-Book on your website easier. At times, downloading of eBooks for easier access can be difficult. But with infographics, it become much easier due to its outstanding features, aiding the utilization of interactive content. This can also improve your click-through and conversion rates tremendously. Research carried out by the content marketing institute on brands, Recorded a 50% increase in click-through rates.

Assuming you are a customer to be, where would you click on at the top of the marketing rung?

A “submit” button on a website requesting users email for documents to be sent to them by the enterprise. Or some questions that need your opinion on some important topics. Questions that further requests for your email for the answers to be sent to you? You will discover that a greater percentage of the people will be eager to provide their information when it is presented in a more interactive approach.

Content Marketing:Build Brand Loyalty

When a person goes through an article or watches a video clip or footage, there is always a minimal participation. The same goes with the level of engagement, However, content people have a deeper interaction with outstanding difference.

The more a consumer has preference over a particular brand, the more likely they will be loyal to that product. Which will make the product provider gain trust from the customers. This will encourage further patronage from your customers.

Content marketing improves over time and its advisable one moves with the trend in order to remain at the top.

The presence of interactive videos, quizzes, polls, infographics, questions, etc are indispensable, and they have come to stay. Hence, as a marketer, it is advisable you incorporate them in your marketing tools for a greater Marginal outcome.

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