How to Legally Relocate to Canada to Study, Work, and Live Permanently FOR FREE!

4. Live-in Caregiver – Currently Closed Program

The Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) in Canada is for foreign nationals who want to work as a caretaker/nanny for a Canadian citizen’s children or someone with disabilities in their home.

Immigrants would have a direct path to permanent residence as a result of this.

The live-in caregiver program is also one of the easiest career-specific routes into Canada for anyone who isn’t a “skilled worker.”

You could get a work permit with just a high school diploma, a job offer, and either six months of training or one year of caregiver experience.

It is much easier to find an employer than it is for other jobs because there are numerous agencies that specialize in matching employers with potential foreign caregivers.

There is also a special permanent residence stream for those who have completed this program in Canada.

New applicants are not being accepted into this program at this time.

Relocate to Canada

5. Permit to Study

The Canadian study permit visa is one of the most common ways for Africans to immigrate to Canada.

Relocate to Canada

study permit

We can tell you that the majority of our readers who made it to Canada did so with the help of a study permit.

There is no better way to come to Canada than to study at a Canadian university or college if you or your parents can afford it.

Numerous programs are available in Canada, and a few Canadian universities are ranked among the best in the world. Another option is to attend a college that provides a more practical education.

The best part? Graduates of post-secondary institutions can apply for permanent residence in Canadian provinces.

However, when choosing a university, make sure to look into the Provincial Nominee Program for the province where your university is located to see what it takes to get permanent residency.

It usually takes a job offer and, at the very least, a commitment to stay in the province after graduation.

It’s also worth noting that any work you do while a student will not count toward any work experience immigration streams, so keep that in mind if you get a student work permit to help support yourself.

Relocate to Canada

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