How to Legally Relocate to Canada to Study, Work, and Live Permanently FOR FREE!

8. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is another or the quickest way to immigrate to Canada (AIP)

The AIP also has a six-month processing time and has recently updated its application process to include the ability to submit work permit applications online!

The AIP was created to help Canadians immigrate to Atlantic Canada, specifically:

  • Nova Scotia is a province in Canada.
  • New Brunswick,
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, and
  • Prince Edward Island

are all provinces in Canada.
One of three programs is available:

  • the Atlantic High-skilled Program,
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program, and
  • Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program

Top Tip: To improve your chances of success in the application process, visit our in-demand jobs in Canada pages to see which Atlantic Provinces your occupation is in demand.

The more in-demand your job is, the more likely you will be hired and granted a visa through the AIP!

Relocate to Canada

9. Provincial Nominee Program in British Columbia (BC PNP).

Despite the fact that 11 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada have their own Provincial Nominee Programs,

Each has Express Entry Linked Streams that take about 6 months to process.

Incredibly, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) processes visa applications in just 2-3 months!

When compared to Express Entry, processing Canada visa applications takes half the time!

This is due to the fact that it has an online application portal, which most provinces lack.

To apply through a PNP in the non-Express Entry linked stream, you must normally apply directly to the province via the paper process, which can take anywhere from 15 to 19 months!

Furthermore, the BC PNP has more frequent draws than the Express Entry system.

Top Tip: If you’re a tech professional looking to relocate to British Columbia, Canada, you should look into the BC Tech Pilot.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s tech hotspots, and it’s always looking for qualified IT professionals to join its ranks. Relocate to Canada

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