How to start a Mini Importation Business with NO CAPITAL

In recent years, the Mini importation business has become so rampant. you must have heard about the mini importation business and how lucrative it is.

In this article, I will show you how you can make a massive profit with mini importation and also teach you the basics on how to run a successful mini importation business.

With a mini importation business, you can easily make hundreds of thousands of naira per month and the sweetest part is that we’re going to be starting from ZERO CAPITAL.

Years ago, it was practically impossible to run an importation business with zero capital but in today’s world, this is a reality but with some work of course.
…So today in this article, I’ll be teaching you how to run mini importation with completely zero capital.

at the end of this short course, you will be able to know…

  1. How to choose the right products that’ll make you money.
  2. How to get customers buying these products effectively
  3. How to start with ZERO CAPITAL.

Now before we begin, we need to talk about a very critical issue, most people wonder about, which is “what to import”.

When people think about importation in a small way, Many people just start importing clothes, shoes, and bags, but there are thousands doing that already.

In mini importation, I will advise you make detailed research and go for only UNIQUE product, which is in high demand, import and then cash out massively on it.

Getting a unique product to import is the first true secret of success in the mini importation business, followed by, getting a great marketing strategy that can help boost sales.
Getting the product down to Nigeria is one thing and another thing to be able to sell them down here in Nigeria.

what stands you out, that unique thing about you that makes people search for you, that thing that will make people see your products and still queue to get the product, is determined by how unique that your products are and how important your product is to meet the need of your potential customers.

This is why identifying the product you will import and sell is very important to the success of your business.
Products that will sell quickly are called HOT PRODUCTs.


Hot products have 3 natural marks

 1.   Hot product are products that solve a problem

 2.   Hot product are products that make life easier for people

 3.   Hot products are products that are what is in vogue at the time

If a product has one or more of these natural marks, it is wise to import it and sell it.


Firstly, look for something a lot of people are already interested in buying, then you check the competition, to see if a lot of people are importing it, then it’s a good sign it’s selling.
What you to do is to find a micro-niche, for example, a male enhancement pill is a niche, a micro-niche would be an organic male enhancement pill.

Also, pick something that people will easily pay for, the key here is importing something that is in demand already. in my opinion, Sexual products sales quicker and hotter than most other product.
Next is health than beauty

You can go to the health section and look at diseases or conditions people are talking about the most,

If you know how to use google keyword planner,You can also it to know how much people are searching for a product or solution.

Just Go to google and type “google keyword planner”

All you have to do is type the product idea you have thought of and you’ll see to number of searches that product is getting per month.

Also on the importation website,make sure you do your own market research, this is simply checking the Hot sales section to see what people are buying now!

Also,you can check and engage social media groups,like Facebook groups and Instagram.

How to get customers buying these products effectively

Now that you have found a product to sale, the next thing is to find a way to sale them to customers, clearly, this would be done online.

In this article, I’ll be teaching you one truth most mini importation teachers won’t tell you.

The Fastest way you can sell your product and make high profits in the mini importation business is to run paid advertising online. most people won’t tell you the secret on how they make successful sales. The paid advert is the secrets to making fast sales online.

Getting customers to buy isn’t magic,it involves getting an effective strategy, this is the secret of the most successful people in this business.

The good news is that run advert is not as expensive as it seems and the number of sales you’ll be getting from the adverts when done well would lead to so much profit for just small adverts.


There are different effective ways of running advert online, we have

1.  Running Facebook Ads

2.   Running Instagram Ads

3.   Instagram influencers

4.   Sites that you can put your product on and get them sold


Facebook ads are quite easy, but you must be very careful because the facebook sensitivity of Facebook bots, can trigger a flag on your ad and poof! That’s it, you might not be able to advertise again on Facebook.

To fully understand how to successfully run a Facebook and Instagram campaign, go to youtube and search for videos that explain both Facebook ads and Instagram ads.


Instagram influencers are people who have high followership on Instagram and so you can pay them to allow you to promote your products on their pages and encourage their followers to patronize you.

This works really well but you just have to be careful to find someone with the right audience that will be ready to buy your product

I believe I have successfully solved the major problems in the mini importation business, by making use of online advertising.

Truth be told, the problem is not just succeeding in bringing down a product into Nigeria, but also getting them sold and cashing out on your sweet profits.

Don’t go in blind anymore

now let proceed to the part most of you are waiting for.


In this section, people who are willing to starting up a mini importation successfully, the power to start with 100% ZERO CAPITAL, and over time, they can stand strong to the point that they can never lack capital for expansion of the mini importation business.

So many of the so-called Gurus and PROs in the mini importation business,won’t tell you this truth, it’s never possible to start a mini importation business with #5000 and makeover #100,000 in profits within 30 days, That’s a well packed cheap fake lie, any successful business that will actually work, will surely need capital of time.

The amount you need for your first successful mini importation run is around $100, this might seem much for some people but this is the truth, With this amount, I can confidently tell you that you can easily multiply your startup by double within your first month.


You might be wondering, how possible is this to run a mini importation business without any startup capital, Many might not have thought about this strategy,  but I have thought about this strategy for so long then I got it.

You can start a mini importation business without capital through drop-shipping or pre-order group.

With this strategy, you get people who are interested in a particular niche (product or service), then you show them your unique product and you make them understand that they will pay at least half of your price, your order then they’ll get their products once it has arrived.

Let me explain further…let say you want to import a skincare product and it will cost you about #2,000 per bottle plus shipping let’s say it sums up to #3000.

You then add your profit to it, let’s say your profit is #2000 plus local delivery #1000, which total sums to #6000, your source for people on Facebook groups or Any social platform, and then get them in a group or broadcast list then tell them the price is #7000 but they can get it cheaper for #5000 if they order before the goods come in.

If you are lucky to get just 5 people to place an order, you make #5000 in profit at the end of the day #1000 from 5 people.

As you do this over time, people will start building trust in you more, and slowly you increase the number of people ordering, and that’s how you make more money.

Over time, you will have enough money to start importing on your own. Once you can get it right with your first capital, it can never go wrong, because you will never lack the funds anymore, I can assure you of that.

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