International Scholarships at Nottingham Trent University for 2022–2023

International and EU students who want to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program at Nottingham Trent University during the academic year starting in September 2022 or January 2022 may apply for one of the university’s international undergraduate scholarships. High-potential students from all around the world are eligible for this scholarship program, which aims to support them academically by covering some of their costs.

Scholarship Advantages

Excellence Scholarships at NTU

50% and 25% of the tuition. First year exclusively for undergraduate programs, followed by £3,000 each subsequent year.

Foreign Scholarships at NTU


Global NTU Merit Scholarships


Scholarships by Region and Subject (Undergraduate)

  • Canada Law Scholarship: 25% or 50% of the first year’s tuition expense, followed by £3,000 per subsequent year.
  • Scholarship for STEM in Taiwan: 50% of tuition
  • Taiwan undergraduate fellowship: £4,000 for the first year alone
  • Sri Lanka offers undergraduate scholarships of £4,000 each year of study.
  • Scholarships for undergrads in Bangladesh (Law): 20% of tuition fees for each year of study
  • Scholarships by Region and Subject (Postgraduate)
  • Scholarship for Canadian Law Students: 25% or 50% of Fees
  • GREAT Scholarships (Law): £10,000 for Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand, and Indonesia
  • Scholarship for LLM in South Asia: 50% of tuition
  • Scholarship for LLM in Vietnam: 50% of tuition
  • Scholarship for LLM in Sub-Saharan Africa: 50% of tuition
  • Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Serbia, Turkey, Taiwan, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Malaysia: £4,000 in postgraduate scholarships
  • Vietnam Postgraduate Scholarship: £5,000
  • Scholarship for STEM in Taiwan: 50% of tuition
  • Online MBA Scholarships, Africa, the Middle East, and India: A £3,400 bursary program reduces the $13,600 program price.

Scholarship Requirements

  • To qualify for an International Scholarship, you must have been offered a spot in a qualifying program (excluding SQE Preparation courses, PGDL, LPC, BTC, Distance Learning, and Exchange students), as well as be categorized as an international student for the purposes of paying tuition (an “international student”).
  • The Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) does not accept applications for international scholarships from progression students.
  • Please wait to submit a scholarship application until you have submitted a university application. You must have received a seat offer from NTU in a recognized program before submitting an application for a scholarship (Nottingham Trent University).
  • Only overseas applicants are eligible for these scholarships. Visit for details about scholarships for students in the UK.
  • Let’s say you attend a partner college for your education. In such situation, you are qualified for the Partner Progression Discount or an NTU International Scholarship (the higher amount would be deducted from your tuition fees).
  • International students who are sponsored (i.e., have their tuition costs fully or partially covered by a company, government, or funding agency) are not eligible to apply for an international scholarship.
    Applicants who have been given a place on a recognized degree are only eligible to apply for an international scholarship once each academic year.
  • If you are an international student beginning your first year of study in September 2022 or January 2023, you are the sole candidate for an international scholarship (or year 2 or 3 of an undergraduate program in the event of advanced entrance). International students who entered before January 2022 and are anticipated to repeat their first year of study or who are planned to start their second, third, or fourth year of study in September 2022 or January 2023 are not eligible to apply.
  • International students who are starting a new program at NTU are required to apply. Unless they are moving to a new NTU course of study, we are unable to consider applications from overseas students who were enrolled in an NTU course of study before to January 2022.
  • Applications received after the cutoff time of 4 p.m. GMT at 16:00 GMT will automatically be considered for the next deadline. For example, late applications that are received before the second deadline but before the first deadline will be taken into consideration.
  • Applications received after the cutoff date will not be accepted.
  • Only undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses are eligible for this application. Application for funding for research should not be made using this form.
  • Any other scholarships for which international students are eligible will be taken into consideration if their application for an international scholarship is rejected.
  • You will only be qualified for the bigger award if you get another NTU scholarship, bursary, or tuition fee waiver (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • If you are granted a scholarship, bursary, and/or tuition fee reduction in addition to a place to study for a one-year full-time, two-year part-time, or two-year full-time Master’s degree at NTU, you will only be qualified for the larger reward (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • If you are given the choice between a two-year full-time postgraduate Master’s program that includes a year-long work placement and a one-year full-time postgraduate Master’s program, you will only be qualified for the longer award if you are granted a seat on the longer program (except for candidates who are awarded a Sports Scholarship).
  • Your tuition fee will be reduced if you are awarded an undergraduate scholarship at the beginning of each academic year. You must complete the course satisfactorily each year in order to continue earning this. During a placement year, scholarships are not applied; instead, they start again in your final year of study.
  • If you want to switch studies at NTU, the international scholarship will not be offered and is not transferable.
  • Applicants will learn whether they have been awarded an international scholarship four weeks after the application deadline (and the amount of the scholarship award if they have been won).
  • The scholarship is applied to the tuition fee after the candidate accepts their scholarship offer, agrees and complies with the requirements of their course offer, and is allowed to enroll in the program.
  • The information provided on the scholarship application form is considered to determine the selection, and scholarships are competitive. As a result, it is essential that you give your scholarship statement great thought, prepare it, and use the provided criteria.
  • NTU’s choice is final in all matters relating to the scholarship.
  • If your scholarship application is accepted, the organization can ask you to join its student ambassador program or contribute to printed or online marketing materials for NTU. Giving a student profile and a picture, for instance, that might be used to promote NTU and its courses and scholarship programs Your name and course will be included in the Scholarships Awards Celebration scheme as well. Please contact the institution at if you do not want the school to utilize your data in this manner.
  • If you fail your course and decide to retake it or enroll in another qualifying course, any scholarship you were awarded would be lost.
  • According to the eligibility requirements, the scholarship may be accessible if you wish to continue the course or enroll in another relevant course if you don’t complete your course and the scholarship wasn’t applied (you didn’t pay the tuition fees or the tuition payments were reimbursed). You must submit a new scholarship application.
  • The scholarship will be utilized at the discretion of NTU and may be revoked if you discontinue your studies while owing NTU a portion of your tuition fees.
  • Postgraduate Master’s studies may be eligible for Master level awards (full-time and part-time only). There are a number of courses that are not offered, including LLM BTC, LLM LPC (full-time, part-time, distance learning), LLM (distance learning), MSc Human Resource Management (part-time), MA International Relations (online), MA Social Work, MA Advanced Social Work Practice, MA Careers Leaders Training Programme, MArch Architecture, and MSc Biomedical Science (flexible learning). Please send an email to to inquire about the program’s acceptance of your degree. NTU has the right to exclude other courses. We accept mistakes and omissions.
  • If a course is full and no further applications are being accepted, NTU has the right to end scholarship applications at any time.

How To Use It

You must finish the application form following your admission and scholarship application. The institution will automatically review your application for any other award for which you are eligible if you are not chosen for the scholarship of your choice. Within four weeks of the submission deadline, you will be informed of your outcome.

Questions and Answers

Are there scholarships available at Nottingham Trent University for international students?
They do, indeed. Nottingham Trent University offers exceptional, competitive scholarships worth up to 50% of tuition to prospective international and European students. You must currently be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree to be eligible to apply for a scholarship in 2022.

How can I apply for an NTU scholarship?
Candidates must finish their admissions application before submitting their scholarship application. Click the “Apply for Scholarship” link to access the application form after completing your online application for admission.

What Grades Are Required For Nottingham Trent?
If you are starting Year Two or are in your last year, you must have the greater grade of 6.5. A 1-year Master’s program requires a cumulative grade point average of 6.5. For 2-year Master’s programs, an overall grade of 6.5 is necessary, with a minimum score of 6.0 in speaking and listening. For the BTC, they recognize the IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and Pearson Test of English (Academic).

Are Scholarships Difficult To Get In The UK?
Getting a scholarship in the UK is difficult yet highly desired. Certain programs are only covered by certain grants for a limited period of time. Most likely, after you’ve accepted the scholarship and started studying, you won’t be able to switch to another course or extend the time you have to earn the scholarship.

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