Children with Rare Diseases and Disorders,


for most of us, our childhood passes by uneventfully with only our relatives or their close friends taking an interest. Unless, of course, your parents are a popular Hollywood couple or are part of the royal family, it’s only natural there are millions of kids born every day, all looking the same, just the smaller and less developed version of a regular person. So who cares about some random kid? That said, some kids managed to draw a considerable chunk of the public their way. And this is all because of being unique in some way so unique that their existence is almost unbelievable.

1. Mohammed KALEEM

Kids You Won't Believe Exist
Mohammed kaleem

He was born in eastern India.

what was supposed to be a joyous event later turned to a nightmare for both the boy and his parents.

Unlike other toddlers, Mohamed had one problem, He suffered from Macrodystrophia lipomatosa or local gigantism.

This rare condition made his hands grow way faster than the rest of his body. And it wasn’t long before this became a problem.

By eight years old, the hands were too big for him, rendering simple activities like dressing up, eating and bathing, Impossible to do so unless someone stepped in.

Almost all local schools declined to take him in, saying he’s scared other kids at home.

The family was taunted and shunned by villagers who attributed this rare medical condition to a curse on Mohammed’s parents for supposed past transgression.

 They even labeled the boy devil’s child.

It was devastating, to say the least. But luckily for the boy, Help came calling.

Towards the end of 2014, select Indian doctors took up the initiative to work on liberating him from his misfortunes.

So he underwent an operation on one of his hands with the gods, sent doctors aiming to reduce both the growth plates and the size of his fingers.

2. Deepak Paswan


Just like Mohammed, deepak paswan suffered a fair share of stigma due to his unprecedented development, but unlike Muhammad, his case was more shocking.



Instead of the usual forelimbs, he had eight with the other extra for sticking right out of his chest.

These extra body parts were said to be an undeveloped twin and were problematic to mother before she gave birth to deepak paswan, she said to have been through frequent bouts of pain.

When she finally gave birth, she found out what the problem had been all along. It wasn’t possible to know of such an abnormality before her due date because of the rather poor health care services in the Indian region of Bihar.

 And so the Ettlin Deepak was born much to the astonishment of everyone, some viewed him as the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and even brought him offerings.

Others saw him as some kind of monster who might later consume his parents.

But thanks to charitable doctors, the boy didn’t have to put up with all the extra limbs.

The parasitic twin was removed after scans confirmed that the two didn’t share any vital body organs.

deepak is one Kids You Won’t Believe Exist

3. Fu Wengui

fu wengui

His from Beijing, China is yet another example that extra body parts can be a bit of a problem instead of the usual seven vertebrae that most people have on their necks, FU had 10 of them.

This made him appear taller, a bit disproportionately as pictured here with his father, Fu Guanyu.

 But most unfortunate is the physical pain that comes with those extra bones, according to his father.

The additional three vertebrae exerted more pressure on the nerves of his neck, which made walking a grueling task for the boy, according to medical experts.

fu wengui had a condition called congenital scoliosis that arises when the spinal cord fails to form properly, the condition develops early on in the first six or so weeks after conception. The last time he was in the limelight fu wengui we was gearing up for surgery to reduce his neck under the sponsorship of a Beijing based charity. This was back in 2014.

We just hope the operation was a success.

Kids You Won’t Believe Exist

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4. Milagros Cerron


This stories of mermaids are commonplace in a lot of cultures around the world. The big issue is whether these mythical creatures are real or false.


 Milagros cerron was a close enough representation of the mermaids, only that she wasn’t one and didn’t live in water.

She was born with Sirenomelia, also known as mermaid syndrome, which means her legs refuse.

The condition may be accompanied by other health problems like kidney and gastrointestinal issues.

Typically, kids born with mermaid syndrome die within a few hours of being born. But that wasn’t the case for Milagros.

faith made it possible for her to survive long enough for doctors to separate her legs and carry out extensive reconstructive surgery on her lower body.

Milagros even managed to walk something that was a big deal considering her condition.

 She survived for 15 years before succumbing to kidney complications.

5. Tessa Evans

Rare as it is, it’s not entirely impossible to find organs that failed to develop at the time of birth. A case in point is Tessa Evans.

She was born with an extremely rare condition known as Congenital Arrhythmia, which means she lacks sinus cavities and a sense of smell. And the space that should be occupied by a nose is covered with just the patch of skin.

This rare condition is said to occur about once in every one hundred and ninety seven million births, and there have been at least 46 reported cases worldwide.

So how does this girl go about her normal life at birth?

Doctors fitted her with a tube that has been pivotal to her survival. But the quest to address her condition hasn’t stopped at that. She’s the first person to be fitted with a nasal implant, which is aimed to help her grow.

Knows this process is still ongoing with an assortment of other procedures, such as an implant through her hairline.

The implant is to be replaced as she grows to ensure the nose will grow with her.

 The final procedure will be when she hits her teens a medical tattoo, Artists will draw nostrils and shades of light and dark to give it the feel of a real body part.

6. Didier Montalvo


little didier montalvo from Columbia had a show like Growth on his back that earned him the turtle boy nickname.

It might have sounded delightful to his mother’s, but to didier the growth held him back in so many ways.

The growth accounted for at least 20 percent of his weight. It was like constantly having baggage on him.

Didier was diagnosed with congenital Melanocytic nevus in 2011.

And is it the name-calling? Wasn’t enough.

Back in his village, people believe that he was under some evil spell, which trounced him further.

But thanks to Neil Bulstrode, a prominent plastic surgeon based in the UK, didier bid goodbye to his growth and with it the emotional and physical strain the good doctor offered to operate on him for free after the boy’s plight caught his attention.

And yes, the surgery was a success, with didier not being able to do everything, A kid his age would.

Score one for the selfless doctors.

7. Pan Xianhang

He has a genetic skin disease known as the Ichthyosis vulgaris, which translates to fish in Greek.

His entire skin from head to toe is dry, scaly and always itchy. When it is too dry, it cracks, which can further complicate the boy’s life as this opens an avenue for other infections and the pain the boy goes through is unbearable.

He’s unable to sleep peacefully at night and has to limit the movement of both his arms and legs to have a less painful experience.

The worst part is there’s no cure yet. So Pan will have to contend living with this condition, despite all the discomfort he’ll have to face.

Locals in one like China where he lives, have nicknamed him the fish boy, which let’s say doesn’t really help the situation to at least tone down the itchiness and pain.

Ichthyosis  patients must keep their skin moisturizer at all times.

Moisturizers, oils and creams are especially helpful with this.

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