Martian Manhunter Vs Superman: Who would Win?


Martian Manhunter vs Superman

can martian manhunter beat superman? is martian manhunter stronger than superman? how strong is martian manhunter? who is stronger superman or martian manhunter? , is martian manhunter as strong as superman? who will win, Martian Manhunter vs Superman?

We’ve got Superman, the man of steel, versus the Martian Manhunt, two of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe going head to head.

From the doomed planet Krypton, he was launched to Earth as an infant. 


Kal-El was adopted by the Kinte family and raised as Clark Kent in America’s heartland, using his vast solar fuel Powers.

He became Superman to protect humanity from all threats while advocating for truth and justice in the American way.

Superman is now arguably the strongest hero in the DC universe, having performed some truly incredible feats of strength, including once assisting one Martian Manhunter in moving the entire Earth.

He also held a miniature black hole in his hands and used it to destroy the moon, though he was knocked out by the force of the blast, and he defeated the dark side and doomsday.

Superman holding a blackhole

Superman’s top speed hasn’t been calculated, but it’s generally assumed he’s slower than a flash.

Clark moves so quickly in a battle that he has plenty of time to dodge attacks and plan his next move.

He can land hundreds of strikes in a matter of seconds, and his mind is equally quick to land, process, and understand vast amounts of data almost instantly.

Superman is one of the toughest beings on the planet, surviving bullets, missiles, bombs, and other man-made weapons with no damage.

In fact, punching Superman is more likely to injure you than it is to injure him. 

However, super-strong steel characters such as Mongul Despero and Doomsday have previously injured Clark Kenti, and he has also been injured by powerful energy attacks.

He has limited stamina as long as he is exposed to yellow sun radiation, and his body emits a gravitational field that allows him to defy gravity and fight fires at light speeds.

When a strong gust of wind hits him, he’s able to suck in large amounts of air into his lungs, and he’s even able to control the temperature that exposes the wind, resulting in his freezing breath.

Clark also has the ability to convert stored solar energy into thermal energy beams capable of reaching temperatures comparable to those of stars.

As a nod to boxing, brawling, and pressure points, Superman is a capable fighter. 

However, instead of relying on his incredible abilities to win the fight, he is far from an expert fighter.


Martian Manhunter

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Martian Manhunter is an extraterrestrial with nearly all of Superman’s superhuman abilities and exceptional telepathic abilities.

Martians have shown that they have the speed to keep up with the flash for a short time.

He can also fly and maneuver at these incredible speeds. 

J’onn J’onzz has an incredible healing factor and can recover from almost any injury in a matter of days.

He’s even shown to be able to carry his entire body on the back of a severed arm. 

One of the Martian’s most well-known abilities is his shape-shifting ability, which allows him to take on any shape he desires.

He has the ability to transform himself into any living, extinct, or imagined object organism.

He has the ability to grow multiple arms and limbs as long as he wants. And to become immovable or flexible as he pleases.

He has the ability to grow to the size of a building in the shape of a fish. 

Shifting is so profound that it affects his body’s chemical makeup.

A human bone Martian can lower their density to become intangible while transforming their skin into a thick exoskeleton, and he frequently employs this ability in combat to protect himself from an enemy’s attack.

He also has the ability to make himself invisible. 

And this is complete invisibility, as he is undetectable across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Superman can see him before he sees him, and John is the most powerful telepath on the planet, with the ability to influence his own fate through his own telepathy.

He has the ability to create illusions, shut down people’s minds, control people’s thoughts, and create mortal shields.

He can also fire powerful weapons, blast atomic energy, and construct sonic shields. 

J’onn J’onzz also has Martian vision and Martian breath, which is similar to Superman’s breath heat vision.

Martian Manhunter Vs Superman, Who Will Win?

One of the many never-ending debates among comic book fans is whether Martian Manhunter is stronger than Superman.

When it comes to physical prowess, Martian Manhunter vs Superman

I’d say they’re fairly evenly matched, but I believe Superman has the upper hand; he’s accomplished more impressive feats and is unquestionably stronger, more durable, and faster.

But, given the Martians’ many additional abilities, this isn’t going to be a simple physical battle.

He has molecular manipulation, intangibility, visibility, and shapeshifting, all of which could be extremely useful in this battle.

I mean, J’onn J’onzz Carter’s face remains unharmed throughout all of Superman’s attacks, or it fades into Clark and is injured in that way.

War Matter could also use shapeshifting to increase his physical strength, become malleable, or shrink down to enter instead of Superman, as he did with Wonder Woman.

And then there’s the storyline, which is, of course, all about telepathic abilities.

Martian is the most powerful teleporter on the planet, and he has had an impact on the spectrum, which I can not emphasize enough because it is incredible. 

But here’s the thing. 

Superman has previously demonstrated a high level of resistance to psychic attacks, and he may have even subconsciously resisted J’onn J’onzz before she kicked him out of his mind.

So, Clark, do you think you could mount a telepathic attack? 

He could, without a doubt. 

However, it will not be straightforward. 

The other core is that Superman only has heat vision, which could play a major role in this battle.

These guys were barbaric, ruthless, and extremely intelligent, and they were once the dominant life form on Mars.

The guardians of the universe saw their potential for chaos, that they could destroy the universe if they-ever figured out space travel.

As a result, they decided to experiment with genetic manipulation. 

They created a flaw in the Martianians, a phobia of fire. 

We’ve even seen Superman’s heat vision affect Manhunter and injustice, though I doubt it would hurt him that badly.

That, I believe, was a bit of a stretch. 

However, according to the author, heat vision can affect the Manhunter.

So, how do you see this battle unfolding?

Superman is slightly physically superior, and I wish he could win a fight solely based on strength. 

Commander Noses, a Martian manhunter. 

As a result, his first move was a telepathic attack on Superman at a public shrine. 

Because of Kent’s strong telepathic resistance, it might take a while for me to refrain from putting Superman down permanently with a second attack.

J’onn J’onzz is fortunate in that he is physically capable of clinging to Clark. 

He can also use shapeshifting to launch more versatile attacks, transform into Superman, or simply boost his strength and endurance.

But then we get a fighter who submits his vision, although Commander Kanter is intangible and has previously demonstrated that they can phase through his vision.

So if he plays it smart, that could be irrelevant. 

We won’t be able to defeat J’onn J’onzz on our own.

Finally, I believe that the Martian Manhunter possesses far too much power and versatility for Superman to handle.

Clark has even stated that John is the person he is most afraid of facing in battle. 


The true strength of Superman. 

He’ll be able to win a couple of games thanks to his Heat vision. 

However, I believe the Martian manhunter will win this one.

What are your thoughts on this? 

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.

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