Nigerian Travel Ban – CR1/IR1 Spousal Visa Application

what is CR1?
A CR1 or IR1 spousal visa is a work visa gave to an outsider who wishes to enter the U.S. to live and remain with their U.S. resident or changeless inhabitant life partner. The “CR” from CR1 represents a restrictive inhabitant and is relevant to couples who’ve been hitched less than 2 years. The “IR” from IR1 represents close family member and is material for couples who’ve been hitched 2 years or more.
The out of date K3 visa was another life partner visa choice, yet has been generally discarded by and by.

The CR1 and IR1 visa accompanies a lasting residency card (green card), not at all like K visas.
Has the C.R. won spousal visa been affected by the travel ban for Nigeria? OK, so this predates the cove ID. We had some countries added to the travel ban which was the ban put in place by an executive order from the president banning certain countries from entering the United States. So having said that yes the Sierra 1 spousal visa is affected but they’re still accepting them. So you know Nigeria is different than the other countries that were added to the ban in that the objection that the State Department of the U.S. government had with Nigeria was that this is the suspect’s ability of the documents. And so Nigeria is working to correct that and hopefully get that lifted. And it is our feeling too that that will be relatively short-lived because there is a lot of immigration from Nigeria. And so what we what we’re recommended to people to ask about Nigeria is Look technically it is banned right now.

We don’t expect that to be long term but that’s just our opinion and is subject to be wrong. And so we do have some people after explaining that to them decide to go ahead and get in the queue and the CIA’s is still accepting them although we suspect we certainly expect that right now you wouldn’t be able to get it to see or when issued from the State Department.
So you know it’s one of those things it’s hard to say. You might want to get in line now and get your petition. Q In the case that Nigeria does get exempted from the ban which is expected by most people it’s just the timing is unknown and could you apply now and you pay your money your five thirty-five to apply and wait six-nine months to get to the end and have it denied because of the ban then you’ve lost that time of money absolutely that could happen if you’re willing to take that risk though it may get you ahead of the line. I mean it’s going to take it might take nine months anyway so maybe in six months they lift the ban that you’re already in the queue. You know that’s up to you to decide if you want to take that risk right now though the official word is Nigeria is on the banned list

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