Nirsal MFB | How to avoid being Scammed


With so many fake Nirsal MFB Loan platforms floating all over the web, it has become very necessary for one the be very careful before falling into the hands of scammers and mischief-makers.

Knowing the fact that some of us must have one way or the other have released our contact online. Maybe in search of help about Agsmeis Loan or, maybe filling a fake online form, claiming to be from NIRSAL-MFB.

If you feel you must have given out your details like your phone number, BVN. Email address, to one of those fake NIRSAL MFB loan applications, don’t worry. Below are six(6) things you can do, to avoid been scammed.


How to avoid being Scammed

if anyone has contacted you,maybe through a phone call regarding paying money to secure the COVID-19 targeted credit facility or AGSMEIS loan,

Here are six(6) things NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, advices its applicant to do.

  1. call the office contact number of Nirsal Mfb on 094621730 for confirmation immediately.
  2. You should Stop all contact communication with the person as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t delete any trial of the communication with the scammer
  4. Report such correspondence on the official Nirsal whistleblower portal on
  5. be very mindful of fake website, only visit
  6. visit any NIRSAL MICROFINANCE BANK BRANCH closest to you in person as soon as possible.

it is important to note that there are so many FAKE nirsal website,

Becareful and stay safe.

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