Study Abroad Scholarship: Top 4 International Scholarships for STEM Graduate Students

Study Abroad Scholarships

If you want to pursue a master’s in science, but come to the US or UK, what typically tends to happen is that when you apply for a master’s program and you say you want a scholarship, sometimes the scholarship comes through automatically, partially, or even fully. Similarly, with a Ph.D. program, whenever you apply for a scholarship and admission, you tend to get some bit of the scholarship automatically.

But there are some instituted scholarship programs that you need to apply to separately, and they are large and generous, and famous. So here’s the list of the top five scholarships for masters in the STEM field to study in the US and UK.

1. The Google scholarships

Google offers a number of different scholarships to students around the world to pursue computer science or computer engineering.
In this article, I’m quickly going to feature two of those scholarships.

Google Generation Scholarship

This is for a bunch of undergraduate and graduate students who display academic excellence and extracurricular activities and thought leadership and diversity, and they’re looking for students like you who are currently pursuing a degree program.


It could be either an undergraduate degree program or a graduate degree program in computer science or engineering.
And if you intend to pursue a graduate program in computer science or engineering or even an undergraduate program in the US or in Canada.
They’re going to look at academic excellence before they hand out this award. The size of the award is $10,000 if you study in the U.S. and $5,000CAD if you study in Canada. So that’s five thousand Canadian dollars.

Women’s technical scholarship

The woman’s technical scholarship would be extended to students in the Bachelor’s Program, Master’s Program, and Ph.D. Program.
Looking at the size of the award. It’s $10,000 if you study in the US $5000CAD and 7,000 euro If your studies are in the Europe area.

Click on that to find out more about the Google scholarship.

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2. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge and for research-based programs only now, which are those programs that qualify for the scholarship. You could be doing a two-year research-based master’s. You could be doing a one-year program also, for example, an MPhil and LLM, or a one-year MBA, and you could be doing a three-year research-based Ph.D.
what is not included in this program are medicine-based programs, diploma courses, non-degree courses, and non-research-based courses.

What are they looking for? They’re looking for academic excellence. They’re looking for leadership, and they’re looking for a good fit with Cambridge. So before you apply for this scholarship, you want to do a lot of research into the programs at the University of Cambridge, the colleges under which these programs are based. And you want to take a look at the professors and all the teaching patterns, and you want to prove to the university that you are indeed a good fit for that program at the University of Cambridge.

This is a very generous scholarship, and it includes all your tuition fees, cost of living up to £17,500/annum, which is a very generous cost of living. It also includes your visa and your health insurance costs, as well as one economy airfare back to your residence.

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3. The Knight Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford University is the largest fully endowed scholars program in the world, where they cover hundreds of students from around the globe, including that full tuition fee and cost of living.
This is for international students from around the globe.
what makes the Stanford program stand out is that you’re eligible if you’re applying for any graduate program. This could include any master’s in any subject. Any Ph.D. Programs, joint degrees, or dual degrees are also eligible.

They’re looking at students who can outthink out work and out care for others, which means they’re looking at the independence of thought, purposeful leadership, and a civic mindset. And needless to say, they’re looking for academic excellence because after all, you need to get that admission first into Stanford University and then into the Night Hennessy program.

They’re looking for is a minimum of a four-year undergraduate program, which means if you’ve done your engineering as a four-year degree program or maybe if you’ve done your MBA, then you would be eligible or you’ve done an undergraduate five-year integrated law program.

Any of those degrees make you eligible for this program at Stanford, but what if you’ve done a three-year bachelor’s program? In that case, you need to have a completed master’s program. I know that makes it three-plus to five years, but we need to have a bachelor’s plus a master’s completed if we’ve done a three-year undergraduate program from any other country.

The question you may want to ask me are,

is there any age limit for me?

Can I apply now?

Or when can I apply up till?

can apply if you’re in the fourth year or the final year of your undergraduate program?

Remember, we said three plus two. If you’ve done a three-year program, then you need to be in the final year of your master’s program. That’s the earliest, and you can apply up to four years of completion of your bachelor’s program and not-after that.

Application Process

  1. knight Hennessy Scholars Application
  2. Form for stanford graduate school
  3. standardised tests as applicable (GMAT,GRE,LSAT,MCAT etc)
  4. English Proficiency tests (IELTS/TOEFL)

The scholarship program application includes an application to Stanford University with a few essays in there and an independent application to the Hennessy program.

If you’re going into law school, you need to do an LSAT,
If you’re going into medical school, you need to do the MCAT.
An engineering-science-program would need you to do a GRE or a management-based program would need you to do a GMAT.
that’s the first standardized test that you need to take. In addition to that, they need the English language test score as well, which is the IELTS/TOEFL

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4. The American Association for University Women (AAUW Scholarships)

This is a scholarship for women pursuing higher education in research-based programs. You could be pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. Or even post-doc research and the size of the award is very generous for a master’s program. You get up to eighteen thousand dollars for a Ph.D. Program, you could get $20,000 dollars per year and for postdoc research, you could get up to $30,000 per year.

They either need a four-year or a five-year undergraduate degree minimum of four years, or we need a three-year degree with two years completed master’s.

Your program must involve at least one year of research. They’re looking for potential leaders, and they want you to display a commitment that you’re going to come back to your home country. And also they’re going to look at financial needs.
when you put your application together, make a compelling reason that makes it urgent and important for you to come back and use all that research and education experience that you’ve had and use that back home when you return to your home country.

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