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These Are The Most Common Types of Cancer Found in women

Lung cancer

Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of death among patients, regardless of gender or race. Surprisingly, it is the most straightforward to avoid getting. It is estimated that smoking is responsible for 87 percent to 90 percent of all lung cancer deaths in the-United-States. It appears to be a straightforward proposition: if you stop smoking, your chances of dying from lung cancer decrease.

Because lung cancer does not have a reliable early detection test, as does breast cancer, it is more difficult to detect the disease early on. This is one of the reasons why more people die from lung cancer: by the time you notice symptoms, you have already progressed far enough into the disease that saving your life from lung cancer becomes much more difficult.

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer, on the other hand, is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in both men and women. This, on the other hand, appears to be on the decline. Early detection of polyps thanks to improved testing means that patients can receive treatment sooner. Additionally, because of advancements in colorectal cancer treatment, the overall survival rate for this type of cancer is increasing.

These are the types of cancers that affect women the most, and they are the ones you should be-on-the-lookout-for. Keep in mind that early detection is critical to increasing your chances of survival. So don’t put off getting that mammogram or colonoscopy any longer. It’s possible that a few minutes of discomfort will save your life.

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