4. M.I.T.

The M.I.T is one of the top universities in the world and is located in Boston. M.I.T also has a need-blind admissions policy.
Before we continue on this, you may be wondering why do all these famous universities have this need-blind admission policy now?
The little secret here is they’ve got alumni that have done really well going forward, and they’re generous enough to come back with donations to these universities. So typically the more top-ranked the university is, the greater the chances that they would be able to offer you financial aid.
So continuing on the MIT story, M.I.T. has a need-blind admission policy, which means they like you, they take you and they guarantee full financial aid if you need it.
if your family income is less than $8,000, which is about 50 six lakh of rupees in Indian currency, you could be completely tuition-free. And MIT on its website states that about 35% of its student body is not paying anything to MIT. you want to make sure you work that little hard to get into this university because you could have a chance of completing your four years education without paying them a single cent dollar or rupee.
M.I.T. gives around three hundred to four hundred scholarships irrespective of nationality, averaging about forty-two thousand dollars every year, And as I said, the aid is automatic. It’s the admission which is super competitive

5. Yale University

Yale University is One of the top 15 universities in the world, this Ivy League college is located at Blue Haven in Connecticut, not very far from New York.
The university also has a need-blind admission policy, which is great. They don’t consider your financial need, They give you admission on your merit alone.
They give about 100 to 250 scholarships every year, averaging about fifty thousand dollars, and they guarantee to meet your entire need.
families which have income levels of less than $65,000 and this applies across nationalities, so $65,000 is approximately about 45 lakh of rupees.
If your family income, the entire family income of all the members of the family is less than about forty-five legs per annum, then you have a good chance of completing your undergraduate education, Tuition-free, and loan-free.

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6. Washington University

Washington University at St. Louis. Washington University, which is one of the top hundred universities in the world and is a leading university, especially in the field of medicine and life sciences, Washington University has to institute its scholarship programs that together give up to 50 scholarships to deserving international undergraduate students.

The two scholarships are

  • The Annika Rodriguez scholarship
  • The Danforth Scholars program.

You need to put in the application form under the common app for Washington University at St. Louis. Please remember that there are a few other universities called Washington University as well, but this one is Washington University at St. Louis, which is located in the state of Missouri. So once you fill out the application for this college, additionally, you would need to fill up a separate application for one of the two scholarships that you are applying to.

You’ll also need to write a separate essay, and you may also have to give another letter of recommendation.

this scholarship could range from partial tuition all the way to full tuition, plus a stipend of two thousand five hundred dollars.

7. Amherst College

Amherst is one of the top 25 colleges in the U.S. and is situated in the state of Massachusetts, Amherst has a need-blind admission process, which means they will not look at your financial need and they will grant you admission if they like you.

Last year, Amherst gave about 150 to 200 international scholarships, and almost 50 percent of their entire incoming undergraduate batch is on some scholarship or the other.

8. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the top 10 universities in the U.S. and is particularly strong in the economics area.
The Uni. Chicago frequently features in the list of colleges that give the maximum amount of international aid to undergraduate students.
The University of Chicago is also need-aware. Which means you could get disadvantaged if you apply for that aid.
However, if you’re qualified and you make it through that admission process, you’re going to get generous financial aid which could include your entire tuition cost. Your cost of living books and personal expenses.
In addition to financial aid, the University of Chicago also offers undergraduates a Merit scholarship.

This could be a partial tuition scholarship and is irrespective of your need or financial need or your application for aid.
All undergraduate students are eligible for this merit scholarship, and it’s an automatic scholarship.

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