Top 20 High Paying Jobs In Canada

Canada’s High-Paying Job Market- In case you haven’t been living under a rock, Canada’s rapidly aging population has created a labor shortage that foreign workers can easily fill.
No doubt you’re interested in immigrating to Canada in order to take advantage of the country’s enviable standard of living and job market, which is why you’re reading this article.
Canada is actively seeking immigrants to help alleviate its chronic labor shortage by filling the country’s many open positions. According to its Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024, the Canadian government plans to continue welcoming more than 400,000 new immigrants to the country each year until it reaches its goal of 1.3 million.
These initiatives aim to address the country’s labor shortage and advance the progress of the Great White North.

While all Canadian vocations provide competitive income, some are much more lucrative than others. Due to the great demand for these positions, companies are prepared to pay above-average wages to attract and keep qualified candidates.
Here, we’ll take a look at the high-paying careers in Canada and the average wages you can expect to earn in each of them.

Top Jobs That Pay Well In Canada

These are, in no particular order, some of Canada’s highest-paying occupations.
The list goes on and on: accountant; anesthesiologist; cardiologist; chief marketing officer; cloud architect; data scientist; electrical engineer; family doctor; financial advisor; human resources manager; orthodontist; pharmacist; physiotherapy assistant; psychiatrist; psychologist; registered nurse; software engineer; surgeon; veterinary; web developer

It’s no surprise that this is one of the highest-paying careers in Canada, since it’s a fantastic vocation. A pharmacy degree from a Canadian institution, or a certificate recognized as being comparable to the Canadian level, is required to practice pharmacy in Canada.
In addition to registering as a pharmacist in the territory or province in which you want to reside and work, you will need to pass the test administered by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).
The typical wage for a pharmacist in Canada is between $23,394 per month and $28,384 per month, or $221,389 per year and $300,378 per year, according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 3131. This varies not only by credential but also by Canadian province.

Cardiologists are the physicians in charge of the circulatory system. To practice as a cardiologist in Canada, you need to have a medical degree due to the complexity of the ailments cardiologists treat.
It takes around four to five years of resident training to become an expert in cardiovascular medicine.
You’ll also need to get licensed by the Medical Board of your intended jurisdiction.
There is a range of $290,475 to $319,283 per year in salary potential for Canadian cardiologists, whose NOC code is 3217.

Registered Nurse
Like the number of doctors, this is a field whose demand has increased over time. Nurses, like other members of the healthcare sector, are in great demand all across the globe, and Canada is no different.
Nurses have always been in high demand in Canada since the nation has one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world.
If you are a registered nurse, you should know that every province in Canada is looking to hire more nurses.
Nurses fall under the NOC code 3012 and may expect to make an average monthly salary of $21,344 to $23,374, or $205,374 to $230,378 annually. Whether or not this is the case is also contingent on the province in where you are currently living and working.

Electrical Engineers
Electrical engineers are often regarded as among of the top paid professionals in the engineering industry. Canadian nuclear power plants are plentiful, making the country a prime employment location for electrical engineers.
Their NOC code is 2133, and a typical annual salary range for an electrical engineer is between $24,897 and $27,675 or $225,685 and $261,832.

General Practitioner
Doctors have not just one of the highest median incomes of any occupation, but also one of the highest levels of social status and cultural influence. Family physicians in Canada may expect to earn among the highest incomes for medical professionals in the country.
In Canada, becoming a family doctor requires completion of both medical school and a three-year residency in general practice. If you wish to operate in a different province, you’ll need to relocate to that region to get the necessary licensing.
The National Occupational Classification for family physicians in Canada is 3112, and annual salaries range from $202,374 to $220,378.

Human Resources Manager
The success and expansion of every company depends on its Human Resources division, which is in charge of finding and employing new workers.
Many Canadian businesses may benefit from the expertise of a human resources manager right now, so if you have the necessary skills, don’t wait to put them to use. The Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) code for human resources managers is 0112.
As a human resources manager, you may make anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 per month, or $230,000 to $278,000 per year.

There will undoubtedly be a need for accountants in Canada, since they are tasked with ensuring legal compliance, correctness, and openness in the books of every company.
To work as an accountant in Canada, you must first get the CPA designation.
You may use the NOC codes 0111 or 1111 to find jobs in the accounting field, which pay an average of $21,008 to $24,365 per month or $222,064 to $249,455 annually.

Financial Advisor
Professionals in this field are tasked with advising and supporting businesses as they work toward financial stability. Financial advisers use the NOC codes of 0111 and 1114.
As a seasoned financial adviser, you may expect to make a salary of $24,233 each month, or $203,474 per year.

Web Developers
It should come as no surprise that web developers are among Canada’s highest paid professionals; as technology continues to dominate society, those with relevant skill sets are in great demand around the globe, including in Canada.
Since Canada, a world leader in technology, is always striving to improve its own practices, it has a constant need for skilled tech personnel.
The Global Talent Stream would allow a web developer to move to Canada in only two weeks.
Web developers may expect to make an average of $23,096 per month (using the NOC code 2175) or $214,895 (25) each year (using the NOC number 2175).

Cloud Architect
Designers have the responsibility of reading corporate papers and translating them into usable designs that will benefit the organization, its workers, and its consumers. They know how cloud computing works and how to spot security holes in the cloud.
NOC code 2171 indicates a salary range of $21,676 to $26,098 per month, or $215,685 to $240,047 per year, for a cloud architect.

Canada is a great country to get work as a veterinarian since pets are highly valued members of Canadian households. You’ll need a degree from an approved veterinary college and a license to work in a Canadian province or territory.
If you get into veterinary medicine, you can expect to make an average of $21,097 to $25,897 per month, or $213,898 to $256,905 per year (the NOC code is 3114).

physiotherapy assistants
There are always need for ancillary health care workers like this since there just aren’t enough primary care physicians and surgeons to fulfill demand.
There is a high need for them in places like British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. As a physiotherapy assistant, you may make between $23,886 and $27,856 per month (or $215,986 and $225,675 per year; the relevant NOC code is 3142) on average.

These individuals are responsible for monitoring your mental health and assisting you in developing more effective techniques for dealing with stress, regulating behavior, and making choices.
To become a psychologist in Canada with the NOC code 4151, you can expect to make a monthly salary of $20,840 to $24,909 and yearly salary of $210,000 to $240,675.

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