What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a Traditional Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki city in Japan. the technique requires one on one, Nuru masseur (male) or masseuse to robe their bodies against a client’s body after body parts are nude and covered with a Tick, Slippery, odorless and colorless gel which is made from seaweed.
Nuru is a very expensive form of massage because the Nuru lotion used for the massage is not cheap, you can check for prices here.
The word NURU originates from the Japanese Language, which means SMOOTH AND SLIPPERY.
Nuru Massage is a Non-Penetrative, but highly sensitive form of massage that was designed to provide maximum satisfaction.
This form of massage ensures both parties are connected on a deeper level which tends to enhance the recipient’s sexual excitation or arousal and sometimes achieve orgasm
This is Massage is quite different from the normal massage, this massage is a traditional form of massage that was used by the Japanese to get the ultimate slippery experience.


  1. It increases Emotional connections of the Body
    with the Nuhu massage,you get to explore your partner, in a way that can help infuse the Maximum sexual mode in any relationship to the level that they see love in their eyes.
    the section ensures that you get to explore each other on a much deeper level, getting to know each other, without penetration.
  2. Deep Sensation of both bodies
    The feelings both bodies get as they both glide on each other is enough to have both bodies, screaming out with pure pleasure.
    The smooth slippery feels enable the bodies to slide over each other to create a sensational feel that should raise both parties. you also get to explore your partner’s naked body with your hands, this will give you access to the most intimate part.
  3. You Get maximum satisfaction.
    The Nuru massage helps to relax the body muscle easing your body into a state of total and complete satisfaction.
    the sexual aspect of the NURU massage is a subsequent effect of the maximum satisfaction derived from a session.
    With this process, as you get comfortable, you made begin to drift into space, making you forget completely, the reality of life.
    NURU massage saves as a dose of natural anti depressant.

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