youtube video download online | How To Download Youtube Video Online For FREE Using VLC Media Player


youtube video download online – – NOTE: The use of third-party apps to download Youtube videos is against Youtube’s terms of service – which state that you are only able to stream videos directly from its servers. downloading Youtube videos also have high chances of copyright infringement unless you have permission from the copyright holder, it’s in the public domain, or you own the video yourself.

to continue reading this post on youtube video download online,we recommend you to also check our disclaimer policy page,This post is for educational purposes.

In this Article,we will  be teaching you the best way to download youtube video online for free using VLC media player.

There could be so many reasons why you would want to download videos a video from youtube.for example,it possible you might want to download youtube video so you can easy have access to the video when you are offline which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trains, and trips to places without reliable mobile internet access. here are step by step guide on how to download youtube video using vlc media player.

Best of all, you can do it free with VLC media player. youtube itself provides some free tools for the job (on both desktop and mobile), and there are third-party free youtube downloaders that can be used as well.

Step by Step guide

  1. Download the latest version of VLC media player.

2. Open youtube and select the video you want to download.


after selecting the video you want to download, you pause the video and copy the link to the video.

3. Now, open the VLC media player,then you click on media,

then navigate to ‘’Open Network stream’’ and click on it.


and paste the link to the video you copied in step 2 and then you press play.

4. Once you click on play, the video will start showing on the VLC media player. On the VLC media player, go to ”tools” after the video is already playing,because we need the code of the video you want to download,( vlc media player will decode the video for you so that it can play on othe devices)and click on ‘’codec information.


on the pop on screen, go to ”Location” and copy a new code will be displayed.

5. go to your web browser and open a new tab,paste the copied code on the address bar and then you hit ‘enter’’.

  • the video you selected will start to play on the broswer.on the display screen down below, you will see this 3 dots,click on it and finally

click on download for the video to download

youtube video download online

This is how to download youtube video online for free,you can use this method to download videos from any social media platform

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